Roofing Calculator for building and construction industry

Roofing Calculator

This roofing calculator can help you estimate the materials needed for your roofing project. Enter the values in the fields below and the calculator will automatically calculate the quantity of materials required.


  1. House Base Area: Enter the area of the base of your house in square feet if you do not know the total roof area.
  2. Eaves Stick Out: Enter the distance that the eaves overhang the walls of your house in feet.
  3. Pitch or Angle: Enter the pitch or angle of your roof in degrees.
  4. Roof Area: If you already know the total roof area in square feet, you can enter it here. This field allows you to either calculate the roof area based on the other parameters or enter it manually.
  5. Roofing Material: Select the type of roofing material you will be using from the drop-down list.


The calculator will calculate the following values:

  • Total Roof Area (if not entered manually): This is the total area of your roof in square feet, calculated based on the other parameters if you did not enter it manually in the “Roof Area” field.
  • Number of Roofing Sheets: This is the number of roofing sheets required to cover your roof.
  • Number of Underlayment Rolls: This is the number of rolls of underlayment required to cover your roof.
  • Number of Sheathing Sheets: This is the number of linear feet of sheathing required for your roof.
  • Number of Rafters: This is the number of rafters required for your roof.
  • Material Cost: This is the approximate cost of the materials required for your roof.


  • This calculator is for estimating purposes only. Exact calculations should be performed by a qualified professional.
  • Material costs may vary depending on your region and supplier.
  • It is important to obtain the necessary permits and follow all building codes before starting any roofing project.

Get Started:

Enter the values in the fields above and click the “Calculate” button.

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